6 Aids to make life easier for elderly and disabled people

1. Trouble Bending Down to Pick Up or Reach Things
Having arthritic hands means it’s often hard picking things up from the floor, the same problem sadly comes with age but why struggle when help is at hand, for just a few pounds you can buy a reacher that will pick up even the smallest items, also pins, screws etc and all small metal objects on the floor that you can’t bend down to reach, the handy magnet at the end of the reacher will do the job for you and the powerful reacher jaws will let you reach and pick up all sorts of objects, books, TV remote, pens, phones and just about everything you can think of see the Combi-Reacher 32 inch Reaching Aid

2. I Spy with my little Eye
Its not just the elderly that struggle seeing small print, those impossible to read medicine bottles and everyday items like newspapers etc, however this one is easily resolved and at a very low cost by getting yourself a quality magnifying glass from a trusted supplier.  There are a host of sizes and designs to meet your every needs so now there is no need to keep squinting and struggling to see the smaller things in life, go get yourself a magnifyer.

3. Open Cans and Jars
Opening jars, cans, bottles and those really annoying tablet bottles can be tricky for anyone, but when you have arthritis or weakness of the hand you can easy get the right aid to do it yourself instead of having to ask others. This Easy Bottle and Jar Opener opens just about everything with ease and at a great price.

4. Unsteady Walking or Carrying Things
Many people now use wheeled walkers if they have poor stability or unstable on their feet, the Invacare Rollator not only makes you safer on your feet but it also has attached baskets so you can carry things with ease such as shopping etc while still having full support and they can even fold up to store or pop in the boot of the car.

5. Seating and Beds
Many elderly people struggle getting up from standard seating as well as not being fully comfortable during cat-naps. Riser recliner chairs offer the solution by safely assisting you to a standing position as well as offering a variety of reclined position for full comfort. All at the touch of a button. If you find greater comfort and ease of from a riser recliner you would love the comfort and choice of adjustable beds that enables you to sit up with full support for reading, watching TV etc as well as benefiting from the many positions available.

6. Hearing and Using the Telephone
Many elderly people have great trouble using standard telephones, the buttons are too small and difficult to see and everybody seem quiet or you can’t hear them. This easy to use Loud Big Button Telephoneis one of the easiest to use and has extra large buttons, adjustable volume on the ringer and conversations are louder, it also has handy pre-stored memory buttons so you can quickly and easily call your doctor, family member or any other important number. A simply device that makes life so much easier.

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