Adjustable Beds Review

Having an adjustable bed is a bit like changing from a black and white TV to colour, once you have one you won’t go back. Read this adjustable beds review from a users opinion not from a bed salesman trying to make a sale.

Adjustable Bed

Adjustable Bed

That said if you don’t have problems getting in or out of bed, problems sitting up or pain due to not being able to get comfortable in bed then go spend your money on something more worthwhile, having an electric height adjustable bed is not a must have gadget but can be a valuable tool to a range of medical, mobility and health problems as well as being a vital aid to a carer looking after a disabled or elderly person.

Sadly there has been little research and less reviews into the actual benefits of having an adjustable bed as far as “pain relief” is concerned but as with most pain; finding the correct laying or sitting position can be a godsend and being able to adjust your bed and sleeping position has to be a bonus however you look at it.

The prices of electrically adjustable beds have come down greatly over the past few years so if you’re going to replace that old bed, why not get an adjustable one anyway but if you are finding sleeping uncomfortable or painfull then go ahead and treat yourself to an adjustable one.

Adjustable beds start at around £250 but that’s for a single bed, my advice is if you are not used to sleeping on a single bed don’t go ahead and get one just because they are cheaper, splash out that bit more and get a larger and more comfortable double or even King or super King size.

If you are not sure if you would benefit from an adjustable bed, you could always try a few experiments involving pillows to prop up your upper body (making sure that you provide support for the lower back) and placing a pillow beneath the knees etc to see how you feel before taking the plunge and splashing out on an adjustable bed.

We have researched a number of adjustable bed suppliers and one that strikes us as being very reputable and reliable is Willowbrook Mobility Direct as well as being established for more than 20 years, supplying British made products and having an excellent after sales team they have over 55,000 satisfied customers.

For more details and information about the models, sizes and prices check out their website on the above highlighted link or click the adjustable beds link to see the many makes and models along with expert advice and even video clips about buying an electric adjustable bed.

A final piece of advice and it may seem obvious but strangly not everybody always considers this, when purchasing an adjustable bed remember that these are operated electronically so you will need to have your bed positioned relatively near to an electric socket if you don’t want to use extention cables (I hate the things).

Click to View Adjustable Bed Sizes

Click to View Adjustable Bed Sizes

Also don’t forget, If you have a long term illness or disability you can either claim back the VAT (currently 20%) or not pay it to start with, ensure that the store you buy your adjustable bed from is fully aware of this!

This is a “practical” adjustable beds review by real people and users, I hope that this review has been of use and offers an insight into what it’s like to sleep on and use an adjustable bed.

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