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Mobility reviewers are a groups of disabled adults including wheelchair users, vision impaired and others with a range of mobility issues. Wherever possible we have tried and tested all products under our review and offer a honest review not with the intention of trying to sell any product. Any links are for information only. Enjoy the site and please tell your friends and ask them to link back to us from their websites or add to the reviews.

Which Travel Mobility Scooter – Electric Folding or Boot Scooter?

Unless you need a road legal mobility scooter for long distance travel, you are most likely looking for a smaller scooter that is more portable, easier to ride and a little cheaper too. The most popular type of mobility scooters … Continue reading

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Importance of Carers Insurance | Essential Carer Facts

Being employed as a carer or personal assistant of the disabled or elderly can be a very rewarding career choice.  Being a non-paid carer of a family member, friend or neighbour can also be rewarding but is rarely through choice. … Continue reading

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The Fastest Folding Electric Mobility Scooter is Here

Review of the eDrive from Motion Healthcare The mobility scooter market has just welcomed the latest in automatic folding scooters – the new eDrive from Motion Healthcare has just been launched. In the last few years there has been a … Continue reading

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How to Maintain Good Posture in the Office

The growing problem with bad posture Bad posture can not only give you pain, it can lead to muscle problems and strains in other areas of the body. In fact, poor posture is known to be one of the major … Continue reading

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Assistance Dog Refusal: Your Rights

Sadly it is inevitable that anybody that relies on the assistance of a guide dog will experience access refusal to a shop, restaurant or transport.  It’s a difficult time for the assistance dog owner especially if the person refusing does … Continue reading

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Riser Recliner Chair Review

Having used a riser recliner chair for several months I am able to review and share the good points of using a riser recliner chair, what to look out for and be aware of when buying this type of chair … Continue reading

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Independent Chair Bed Review

This is a chair bed review for anybody confused between a reclining chair and a chair bed. The good folks at Mobility Shopper have created this review that not only explains the differences but also offers links to dedicated suppliers. … Continue reading

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DB Shoes for Men and Women

When buying a new pair of shoes most people firstly think of style and colour, a recent survey has shown that very few people consider comfort and correct fitting as their first priority and that is amazing when you consider … Continue reading

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Building Control Not Understanding Disabled Access

Building Control are responsible for making sure that building regulations are met in new and refurbished public buildings but we have discovered that many continue to have very little understanding of disabled access requirements that are actually required of the … Continue reading

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Incontinence Tips and Products

Adult incontinence is a subject that many people steer away from, possibly because they do not want to own up to having this type of embarrassing condition or they feel it is a subject people don’t want to hear about. … Continue reading

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Adjustable Beds Review

Having an adjustable bed is a bit like changing from a black and white TV to colour, once you have one you won’t go back. Read this adjustable beds review from a users opinion not from a bed salesman trying … Continue reading

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Wheelchair Exercise and Weight Loss

We are constantly told through the media, health related websites and fitness gurus of the importance of exercise and how regular exercise can help with weight loss, improve mobility and alleviate many health problems but how do wheelchair users do … Continue reading

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Reducing the Effects of Swollen Feet

Many people suffer from the effects of swollen feet and ankles particularly the disabled, elderly and those that are less mobile or overweight. Swollen feet are caused by a build up of fluid and is medically known as oedema; people … Continue reading

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Disabled and Special Needs Mentoring and Advocacy

Most of us experience difficulties understanding certain situations that crop up in our lives from time to time especially if it’s anything to do with law, finance or contracts that never seem to be written in plain English but we … Continue reading

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Finding Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Accommodation

For most people organising and booking a holiday in the UK or abroad is a simple case of finding the right location at the right price and the length of time they want the holiday and of course the desired … Continue reading

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