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Mobility reviewers are a groups of disabled adults including wheelchair users, vision impaired and others with a range of mobility issues. Wherever possible we have tried and tested all products under our review and offer a honest review not with the intention of trying to sell any product. Any links are for information only. Enjoy the site and please tell your friends and ask them to link back to us from their websites or add to the reviews.

Household Challenges for Wheelchair Users and the Elderly

As we get older, we may start to find that our lifelong family home is no longer suitable or accessible for our growing mobility needs. Often our homes need to be adapted to accommodate wheelchair access. In this post, we … Continue reading

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Making Your Bathroom Safe

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The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places for the elderly and people with disabilities mainly due to all those shiny smooth surfaces and the fact that wet surfaces become slippery and hazardous. Baths are especially hazardous because we … Continue reading

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Make Looking After the Home Easier for Your Ageing Parent

The hardest thing about growing old is most likely losing your independence. Some people worry about being a burden on younger relatives, while others fear ending up in a care home. Often people try to keep their independence by paying … Continue reading

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Travelling With a Disability

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It is a sad fact that around 75% of people with restricted mobility such as wheelchair users and those that have difficulties walking never take a holiday and only ever travel unless it is essential. The good news is that … Continue reading

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Importance of Diabetic Shoes and Footwear

Mobility Shopper is regularly reviewing all types of mobility and health goods and aids to give you an unbiased information as well as pointing you in the direction of reliable resources for further information. We have recently been extensively looking … Continue reading

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Disabled Access Audit Review

All disabled people are fully aware of the importance of disabled access to public buildings and services such as restaurants, banks etc but are the current access audit firms out there today providing a service and recommendations that actually assist … Continue reading

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Stairlift Running Costs

It is a sad fact that many elderly and disabled people have to constantly keep an eye on their finances especially with our ever increasing utility bills. Disabled or elderly people are often deterred from taking advantage of the many … Continue reading

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Importance of Accessible Furniture

Most of you reading this will be fortunate enough not to have to consider how accessible your indoor and outdoor furniture is but hopefully this will give you an insight into the importance of choosing accessible furniture that not only … Continue reading

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Bridge House: Oxfordshire Residential Care

We had been looking at the residential, nursing and dementia care services and facilities offered at Bridge House Oxfordshire. At first glance you could be excused for thinking that Bridge House is a quiet, residential area made up of private, … Continue reading

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Wheelchair Platform Lift v Stair Lifts

I have been doing a review of wheelchair platform lifts and stair lifts, obviously there are many hundreds of designs and we can’t go looking at them all but the principle remains the same throughout so really we are looking … Continue reading

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Review of Stairlift Essentials

Stairlifts come in all shapes and sizes and there are many considerations that need to be made, it’s not a simple case of ordering a stairlift for the best price and getting it installed; your individual needs must to be … Continue reading

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Mobility & Daily Living Aids Review

I am one for believing that praise should be given where praise is due and when a company or individual provides a excellent service you should be told about it. The same way that I have publicized damning reports of … Continue reading

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Home Emergency Transit Chair

Many of you, especially the regular readers of this site, will have read my past ramblings about how important it is to be able to safely get from the upper floors of a building in an emergency, whether it’s your … Continue reading

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Motability Scheme & Ford B-Max Car Review

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I have had 3 Motability cars in the past but gave up on the scheme when I started a new business that meant extra mileage and at the time it wasn’t viable because Motability charged extra for anything over 12,000 … Continue reading

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No-Win No Fee Solicitors

All of you that have come to love what we do here at Mobility Shopper will know that we often provide reviews of services as well as products and mobility aids. This review is dedicated to the services of no-win … Continue reading

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