Independent Chair Bed Review

This is a chair bed review for anybody confused between a reclining chair and a chair bed. The good folks at Mobility Shopper have created this review that not only explains the differences but also offers links to dedicated suppliers. Get more information including cost, seating and sleeping positions, delivery etc.

Riser Recliner Chair:

This type of chair is designed to help the less mobile to get from a schair bedeated position to a standing position with ease. It can also recline for comfort or to find the best position for pain relief. There a basically two models of riser recliner chair. 1st reclines leaving the footrest in place. The 2nd has a dual motor that enables the footrest to be adjusted independently for greater comfort. Both are electrically operated.  There is also the option of heat and massage chairs. Great for relieving aches and pains.

Riser Recliner Chair Bed:

The Chair bed is also a riser recliner chair but has greater adjustment for sleeping.  This is designed to offers a complete sleeping solution for anybody unable to sleep in their existing bed, this may be because they are unable to get to the bedroom (upper floor room for example) or because sleeping in a standard bed is uncomfortable orRiser recliner chair painful.  Chair beds are not just designed for seating comfort, they enable you to use your chair as a bed

The cost between a riser recliner chair and a chair bed is often minimal so even if the chair would only occasionally be used to sleep in it becomes more viable to purchase a chair bed.  Some people purchase a chair bed instead of a foldaway bed settee because it takes up less room.  Also it doubles up as a bed for the night for that unexpected guest.

Discover more by watching the video below from Fenetic Wellbeing.

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