Circulation Booster Review

The circulation booster has been around for a few years now, they are designed to help circulation and increase blood flow in your lower legs and feet to relieve pain and reduce swelling, do they work and are they worth spending money on? Well hopefully this circulation booster review will offer you some knowledge and get your blood flowing.

Do Circulation Booster’s Work?

In short, yes they do. No this is not going to be the shortest review ever on the Internet, I am simply saying yes because I have had one of these for a few years so I can confidently provides you with this accurate circulation booster review. I can vouch that they work but and this is the big but you must be dedicated to using it, if not every night then most certainly every other night if you really want to see results and in my case the results are worth the effort and investment in my overall health.

So how does a circulation booster work?

A circulation booster is based on a similar principle as the tens machine, the circulation booster causes electrical muscle stimulation known in the profession as (EMS) to get the muscles in your feet and lower legs working through therapeutic electrical impulses, you can literally feel your muscles expand and contract and have control of the levels that you want to use, the same way that you can control the electrical impulse levels of a ten machine. The model I have is the Revitive Ciculation Booster.

Obviously you remove your shoes and socks and place both of your feet flRevitive Medicat on to the a specially designed circulation base, a reasonable time for each session would be around 30 minutes, about the average time of your mind numbingly boring soap opera! sorry I’m not a fan. You may need to experiment with different positions, power levels and even times of the day and if your feet are not particularly sensitive you may find that you cannot feel the electrical impulses at all, if this is the case try moisturising the soles of your feet as this will make better contact and produce better results.

Revitive circulation boosters can be expensive and I guess that some people don’t buy them because of that but if you suffer from swollen, painful feet, bad circulation and conditions such as diabetes or osteoarthritis as well as cold feet I would suggest that you choose a model that offers a moneyback guarantee so that you can try the product and if not happy just return it.  The Revitive Medic offers exactly that, a 60 day risk free home trial so you can use it extensively to see for yourself and if you are not happy yoCirculation boosteru just return it and get your money back minus collect cost, you can even spread your payment over four installments.  Backed by  Sir Ian Botham and Judith Chalmers you know that this model comes with very trusted recommendations.

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