Copper and Magnetic Bracelet

The term “copper magnetic bracelet” is somewhat of a false statement because, shock horror, copper is not magnetic! Anyway this is just me being pedantic probably because I’ve watched too much QI. This is a magnetic bracelet review to hopefully give you an insight into these “pain relief aids” that have been around for many years now.

So let’s look a bit deeper and unravel the mystery. Firstly there are two different types of products a copper bracelet and a magnetic bracelet.

Magnetic Bracelets:

Magnetism or magnets have been used throughout the centuries to relieve a number of arthritic conditions including arthritis and strangely enough also migraine and fatigue apparently this is backed up by some scientific evidence although the scientists can’t put their finger on why magnetic therapy works, one theory is that because our bodies have magnetic fields the wearing of a magnetic bracelet can somehow correct the imbalance in the body’s field that possibly leads to numerous types of pain including arthritic pain.

Copper Bracelets:

Again scientific studies have found that copper has positive effects on the body and appears to work as an anti-inflammatory aid when worn over long periods, because pain is often caused by inflammation it would make sense that an anti-inflammatory device or even medication would help alleviate the pain.

I’m certainly not going to dismiss either of these products as mumbo-jumbo, if I thought that I would tell you because that is the aim of this straight talking review, what I will say is that I believe there are many powers out there that we have either forgotten about over the years or not yet discovered. My father wore one of these for many years and swore that it gave him arthritic pain relief and as I get older i’m now getting some pain caused by arthritis.

Should I Buy a Magnetic/Copper Bracelet?

Wearing a copper or magnetic bracelet over a period of time may or may not help you as an individual to gain some sort of pain relief but that said both are very attractive pieces of jewellery and are now quite fashionable because they come in all shapes and sizes and in most cases would not even appear to be a pain relief aid so why not take the opinion of; Yes I will just treat myself to a shiny bangle, keep an open mind and who knows you may well receive pain relieving benefits especially in the areas of arthritis and if you don’t want to risk a few pounds then put it on your Christmas or birthday list.

This post like all others here is open to readers reviews and your contributions are very much what makes this site a nonbiased and straight talking review site of all health and mobility products. Please share with others your views or findings of these products.

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