DB Shoes for Men and Women

When buying a new pair of shoes most people firstly think of style and colour, a recent survey has shown that very few people consider comfort and correct fitting as their first priority and that is amazing when you consider that many of us wear our shoes for up to twelve hours a day, we have all heard and probably said the old saying “my feet are killing me” Why do we continue to punish our feet like this?

Probably because most people don’t know any better or have never taken the trouble to get the correct size but most importantly have never considered the “width” of the footwear they are buying. This is of great importance when buying DB shoes for men as well as woman.DB Shoes

It is important to always take the width of your shoes into account when buying new shoes. Wrong shoe width often results in a severe lack of comfort as well as the added risk of medical issues.

DB Shoes are an award winning make of shoes that address many of your comfort and health needs including oedema, diabetes and other problems encountered by a large number of people that naturally have a wider foot.

Wide Fit Shoes is a specialist company of footwear professionals that have been assisting with the health and comfort needs of people with wider feet for 52 years and are approved by over 9000 health professionals.women's db shoes

So ladies treat your feet to the comfort they deserve by checking out their large selection of women’s DB shoes. They are available in a range of styles and colours with sizes from 2E up to 8E. As well as shoes you can also purchase wide fitting boots, sandals and slippers, many offering even greater comfort by having removable insoles. Style has also been given great consideration so don’t be worried you will be sacrificing that stylish look you love.

Wide Fit Shoes have not forgotten the style and comfort needs of men, with wider or problem feet, browse through their extensive range of DB shoes for men and get the footwear your feet deserve.men's db shoes

To ensure you get the right size and width for the perfect fit, find out how to measure your feet by using this handy and easy to follow guide.  It’s available online as well as the option of downloading to your PC, phone or tablet.

It’s time you took your feet seriously and started looking after them, you put the best tyres on your car, now put the best footwear on your feet with the style and comfort offered by DB shoes for men and women.

For more details as well as professional advice call Wide Fit Shoes at their London store on 020 8907 1742 or call into 33 Kenton Park Parade, London, Harrow, HA3 8DN. You can of course buy your DB shoes for men and women online via secure shopping by clicking the highlighted links above.

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