Finding Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Accommodation

For most people organising and booking a holiday in the UK or abroad is a simple case of finding the right location at the right price and the length of time they want the holiday and of course the desired property.

However when you have a disability, especially one that restricts your mobility such as a wheelchair user then a whole new set of rules kicks in, the first priority then has to be access into and around the property as well as accessible features such as an accessible WC/shower, travel to and from the property if it is a broad and many more other considerations that are often personal and bespoke to the disabled person’s needs.

This means that scouring the Internet for the best location and best deals is very rarely a feasible option, even if you find properties that state that they are “disabled friendly” you will often never be 100% sure until you arrive at the location. I speak from experience after being assured on many occasions that a holiday home is fully wheelchair accessible only to find that there are steps involved getting in and out and that internal facilities are only accessible if you are able to walk small distances etc.

Reduce the risk of a disaster

My advice is never trust anybody that tells you that their property is 100% wheelchair accessible, always make sure that you see images and don’t be afraid to ask for extra details if they are not immediately available, what one person considers as “wheelchair accessible accommodation” is often a far cry from what is truly accessible.

Don’t take chances with your holiday and end up regretting booking somewhere that is simply not able to cater for your exact needs, being disappointed that your holiday was not up to your expectations is one thing but arriving at a property and finding out that you simply can’t access it for your day-to-day needs is a complete disaster that in many cases can only be resolved by cutting short your holiday and returning home.


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