Home Emergency Transit Chair

Many of you, especially the regular readers of this site, will have read my past ramblings about how important it is to be able to safely get from the upper floors of a building in an emergency, whether it’s your own home or from a multi-storey office block.

I am revisiting the subject thanks to a new product and service that has just recently become available so I’m including a review of the importance of a new Home Emergency Transit Chair. Yes “home”, up until now evacuation chairs have generally been designed for multi-level commercial properties, businesses, schools, health services and other public buildings.

The Home Emergency Transit Chair from Evacusafe is designed to assist with getting a disabled or mobility impaired family member from the upper floors of your house, or block of flats, in the event of either your route being blocked, you not being able to manage the stairs or as in many cases when you live in a multi-storey block of flats; the passenger lift out of action.


Home Emergency Transit Chair

Far too many of us ignore or fail to realise the importance of getting out of our home should a fire or other emergency break out, or in the event of requiring urgent medical assistance and need help getting down the stairs fast before the emergency services can reach us. This product offers not only the answers to these problems but, furthermore, what it does provide is peace of mind and the knowledge that should you need to get out in an emergency, a family member will be able to help you with the assistance of this specially designed lightweight Home Emergency Transit Chair.

Okay we have all seen evacuation chairs occasionally displayed at the top of stairs in public buildings, but the main difference with Evacusafe’s Home Emergency Transit Chair, compared to other evacuation chairs, is that it does not use a friction controlled track, instead it uses 3 revolving wheels to help the chair go up and down the stairs with ease.  It also has arm and footrests for added comfort.

It is essential that users of evacuation equipment know how to use the equipment safely and correctly; because of this, Evacusafe offer a range of RoSPA approved Evacuation Chair Training Courses.  Some of which can be taken online.   The company are currently looking at putting together a specific online Home Emergency Transit Chair Training Course, which will allow you to ensure that family members are fully trained.

If nothing else; I hope that this article has made you think about how you, or a mobility impaired friend or relative, would safely get out of your home, should the unthinkable happen, and what the consequences of being trapped on an upper floor; in the event of a fire or other emergency, would be. Equality Act compliance facts provided by Access All Areas, the UK’s best access audit provider.

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