Importance of Diabetic Shoes and Footwear

Mobility Shopper is regularly reviewing all types of mobility and health goods and aids to give you an unbiased information as well as pointing you in the direction of reliable resources for further information. We have recently been extensively looking into the importance of diabetic footwear and this includes socks as well as footwear designed to prevent complications for those with diabetes.

What is diabetic footwear?

Many people without diabetes just assume that diabetic footwear is unnecessary and another way of getting us to part with extra money, however this could not be further from the truth. Many people with diabetes have a loss of feeling in their feet; known as neuropathy, this occurs due to sugar levels in the body intervening with the nerve signals from the feet to the brain resulting in the diabetic sufferer not been able to feel pain in areas of the feet. It is therefore very important that anybody with diabetes has footwear that reduces pressure and friction while giving correct support the feet and more importantly not rubbing or pinching the feet excessively as this can lead to ulcerations and injury that may go undetected for some while due to the lack of sensation.

Footwear for the diabetic person should ultimately be as smooth as possible inside the shoe, comfortable but not tight fitting and reduce chafing as the user walks or stand for long periods.

Diabetic socks

Diabetic socks just as important as the correct footwear and can cause similar problems to ill fitting shoes but the importance of diabetic socks is that they create a protective barrier between the feet of the shoe far greater than ordinary socks. Diabetic socks are designed to allow more oxygen to the feet which helps prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus as well as increasing blood circulation to keep the feet in a healthy condition.

Choosing the right footwear

Choosing the right footwear as a diabetic person is not always easy because of the lack of sensation, it is therefore extremely important that you purchase your footwear from a knowledgeable source. We have taken the liberty of looking deeper into the UK suppliers of diabetic footwear and found a variety of suppliers, one that offers a selection of diabetic shoes as well as being UK based is a long established London and Internet company called Wide Fit Shoes, they really seem to know their business so might be worth checking out their diabetic shoes as well as diabetic socks and if you need further information give them a call on 020 8907 1742.

What next?

After you are happy that you have the best diabetic footwear and socks to protect your feet it is important that you do not forget the importance of keeping your feet healthy. It is recommended that those with diabetes regularly check their feet on a daily basis for signs of damage such as cuts, grazers, soars, bruises and blisters so that any minor problems can be addressed before they cause serious issues.

Is diabetic footwear just for diabetics?

This article is entitled the importance of diabetic footwear but the requirements and recommendations of these type of socks and footwear is just as important for anybody with loss of sensation in their feet including many thousands of wheelchair users and those with paralysis. People with these conditions should ideally be wearing diabetic footwear so that they have the same protection and should also be making the same regular checks on the condition of the feet. Unfortunately this is something not very often highlighted by is as important to everybody with loss of feeling or paralysis as it is to those with diabetes.

This is a lay man’s guide to the importance of looking after your feet when you have diabetes, paralysis or the loss of sensation in your faith including the importance of the right footwear. For general information about diabetes and the health of your feet check out



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