Installing a Stairlift: Things to Consider

If mobility is becoming a problem in your home, installing a stairlift could be the answer. Many people turn to these clever devices when walking up and down stairs becomes a chore, dangerous or unsteady for them but just how easy are they to install? Here, leading a stairlift provider discusses the things to consider when installing a stairlift in your home.

Your Needs

When choosing a stairlift, the first step is to decide whether they are right for you. They’re great for users with mobility issues or joint pain but if your needs are greater, a home lift may be the answer. These can be used to carry larger loads, like pushchairs and furniture, as well as helping to meet your individual requirements, you would be surprised by what I have transported up and down my stairs using both devices.

To ensure you select the right solution, you should always discuss your options in full with a specialist. They will be able to provide advice about the best choice for you.

Interior Design
Many people think that stairlifts are installed directly to a wall, causing major damage to wallpaper and paintwork. However, this is not the case. Stairlifts are usually attached to the board that runs along the bottom of the wall, which means installation causes minimal disruption to your décor.

In some cases, more work may be needed if you have a particularly unusual staircase. However, the installation specialist should make the work required clear at the start.

Survey your Space
You’ll need to choose a stairlift that suits the space you have available. Straight and curved stairlifts are available, so it’s advised you choose the right one to suit your staircase. After all, there is no point installing a stairlift if it will only take you so far up or down your flight of stairs.

Foldaway seats are a great option to save space when your device is not in use too, while swivel seats can make it easier and safer for you to get on and off.

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