Magnifying Glass Review of the Best Magnifiers

In this day and age there are mobility and daily living aids aimed at making our lives easier no matter what disability, mobility or everyday need we have including the many aids designed at making life easier for the elderly. Here we offer you a magnifying glass review of why you need one.

Undoubtedly one of the most underrated daily living aids is the magnifying glass because these invaluable tools will at some time help each and every one of us as we struggle to read small print that surrounds us in our everyday lives including food labels medicines, newspapers and much much more.

These invaluable aids come in all shapes and sizes and are exceptionally cheap to purchase, however many of us still struggle to see or read everyday items as well as undertaking hobbies that require us to see the finer details, I for one used to regularly squint and struggle to read items and would often find myself rubbing my eyes as if to focus them and blaming everything apart from my failimagnifying glassesng eyesight.

There are a whole host of classic, large and also portable magnifiers as well magnifying glassas extremely useful full-page magnifier products designed to magnify an entire page of a book, newspaper, map or document, there are also LED lit magnifying glasses that are extremely useful in dimly lit areas.

Thankfully for those of us that regularly use computers or the Internet we can utilise the extremely handy built in magnify facility, these tend to have multiple settings and can magnify the entire screen or individual sections that you wish to see clearer. You can find Windows magnifier tips and tricks for Windows 10, 8 and 7 by clicking this link. You can also press CTRL and the + symbol on your keyboard to increase the text size and reset it by pressing CTRL and 0 (zero). If you’re using a tablet simply search the Google Play Store and search “magnifier” to find useful apps.

Of course that Capturewon’t help you with all of the everyday tasks mentioned above, we have searched out a large selection of magnifying glass products and magnifiers of all shapes and sizes available from reputable companies and the best we have found are those supplied by the Complete Care Shop (follow the highlighted links above for full details) these can even be purchased with VAT relief and a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee with fast secure online shopping delivered direct to your door.

So next time that you find yourself struggling to read that annoying small print or undertaking what used to be simple, no hassle tasks like threading a needle just say to yourself, enough is enough and invest in one of these inexpensive gadgets that you will find yourself relying on time and time again.

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Mobility reviewers are a groups of disabled adults including wheelchair users, vision impaired and others with a range of mobility issues. Wherever possible we have tried and tested all products under our review and offer a honest review not with the intention of trying to sell any product. Any links are for information only. Enjoy the site and please tell your friends and ask them to link back to us from their websites or add to the reviews.
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