Making Your Bathroom Safe

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places for the elderly and people with disabilities mainly due to all those shiny smooth surfaces and the fact that wet surfaces become slippery and hazardous.

Baths are especially hazardous because we will insist on putting water in them, for some reason washing in an empty bath has not yet taken off!
 grab rails

On a serious note, I have compiled a few tips to bear in mind to hopefully help prevent falls in the bathroom.

Bathroom Safety Tips

1: Avoid putting scented oils and bubble bath in your water. These may well be nice and relaxing in our bath but they do cause the surfaces of plastic and ceramic baths to become even more slippery than usual.

2: Always install permanently fixed grab rails and ensure that these are non slip and fitted securely.

3: Always place a nonslip mat in the bottom of your bath or shower tray.

4: Never rush getting out of the bath, if the phone rings let it!

5: Ensure your hands are completly dry before using grab bars and transfer rails.

Of course the main trouble with a bath is the fact that you need to get out from a very low level, ideally you need to be thinking about installing a wet room that you can either safely use with the aid of a shower chair or of course for those of you with lesser mobility problems installing a walk-in bath would be a far better solution than struggling in and out of your bath. Of course you’re also doing your bit for the environment by using less water while being sbath seatafer all round so everyone’s a winner.

However, wetrooms and walk in showers can be very expensive but it is essential that you are safe getting in and out of your bath.  We have delved into available products with the help of good old Google and found a reliable, UK based company offering a broad selection.

See this bathing aids link to find support and grab rails to fit to your bath to make getting in and out easier, bath seats, safety mats, showers stools and chairs and much more than we can list here.

Most importantly be safe in your bathroom, it is a fact that the bathroom is the second most dangerous room in your house and one where a whole range of accidents happen, mostly involving slipping or falling.

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