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How safe is your mobility scooter? It may surprise you to know that mobility scooter theft  is sadly now very common and it’s not just theft outside of shops.  Your mobility scooter is no longer safe in your own back garden.  This article offers a few tips on how to help prevent your mobility lifeline from being stolen or vandalized.

There are no up to date figures on mobility scooter theft, the last data was collated from a Freedom of Information request by the National Federation of Shopmobility UK back in 2015 and at that time the total value of mobility scooters stolen was more than £615,000.  With our increasing crime rates that would be estimated to be over £750,000 today.

How to prevent your mobility scooter from being stolen or vandalised

Most thefts are undertaken by opportunists that spot your scooter in your back garden or outside of a shop. A few tips include:

  • Never leaving the key in your scooter

  • Always try to leave your scooter near to the shop entrance

  • Consider investing in a cycle lock to lock your scooter to a cycle rack

  • Try to reduce the time that your scooter in unattended

  • Lock your scooter out of site when left in your garden

While researching we came across a dedicated mobility scooter metal shed that can be securely locked and leaving your scooter out of site.  At 8 x 6 ft its big enough to securely store your scooter as well as some garden items out of sight.  It’s a very sensible price too and includes free mainland UK delivery.

I found this on the UK based GardenSite and was very pleased to see that they also sell a wide range of items for the elderly and disabled gardener including wheelchair accessible greenhouses, accessible planters and raised containers, a great range of easy access garden furniture and even dedicated tactic ornaments for the blind and visually impaired to enjoy.  Well worth a look.

Back to secure mobility scooter storage for a moment. My garden is overlooked and I have many other items on show, a good quality BBQ, some nice outside furniture and Secure mobility scooter shed imagea few family members bikes that cost more than I care to remember; so my storage needs go beyond my mobility scooter. Checking out their secure storage range I see they do a multitude of sizes from 4ft x 9ft right up to 6ft x 9ft.  Check these out by following the mobility scooter garage link where you will also see full specs such as door widths, recommended base area and those all important guarantee details and much more.

Mobility Scooter Insurance

Finally it is well worth considering mobility scooter insurance.  Policies start from as little as a few pounds per month and most cover theft, vandalism, fire and flood damage and also accidental damage.

We found some great deals just by Googling “mobility scooter insurance” and were surprised to learn many also offer third party liability and accidental damage up to a whopping £2000, 000, cost of hiring another scooter, cover for your personal effects and even offer puncture cover.  The ones we checked out also covered new and second-hand scooters.

We can never be 100% safe from having our valuables stolen or vandalised but we can take certain steps that will drastically reduce the chances of it happening or compensate us if it does.  Most thefts are undertaken by optimist thieves.  Locking your valuables including your mobility scooter out of sight will nearly always result in the thief passing your property by as they continue their despicable hunt for a quick and easy snatch.

Thanks for reading and stay safe, secure and mobile.

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