About Mobility Shopper

This is a no nonsense review site of all manner of mobility, health-care and disability products. Here you get an honest, non-biased and straight talking review. If we think something is good we will tell you, if we review something and find it a waste of money or has no real benefit, we will also tell you. basically this is a no-nonsense, straight talking mobility and daily living aids reviews website.

So who are we?

We sometimes ask that question ourselves! but seriously, we are a group of people with a range of disabilities and mobility issues and the reviews that we write our from our own knowledge and experience of using or testing the products mentioned. This way you get a product review from a real person that has used the product and discovered its good and bad points.

Mobility Shopper will not bend the truth even if we are offered megabucks to promote something, consider Mobility Shopper the Top Gear of the mobility product world and the one and only place on the Internet where you can get an honest review.

So what’s in it for you?

Each and every one of us at Mobility Shopper have at some time in our lives purchased a mobility or healthcare product, sometimes we get it right, sometimes we have got it wrong so hopefully by sharing our findings and reviews you will be more knowledgeable before purchasing any mobility or healthcare product and get it right first time by reading our mobility and daily living aids reviews.

If you don’t sell anything who funds the site?

Hosting is expensive and we do have to pay out from time to time for design issues, site changes etc and this all costs money. We receive money through advertising shown on the site that is placed there to give you extra information and options as well as a small income to help run the site.

If you would like to donate to the running costs and help keep this site on the Internet please feel free to contact us for information. Alternatively if you are interested in having your mobility or health product or service reviewed by Mobility Shopper just contact us via the link at the top of the page.

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