Motability Scheme & Ford B-Max Car Review

I have had 3 Motability cars in the past but gave up on the scheme when I started a new business that meant extra mileage and at the time it wasn’t viable because Motability charged extra for anything over 12,000 miles in a three-year period, they were also very picky on the condition of the car when it was returned, even a three-year-old car had to almost be in pristine condition without even the most minor of scratches, if not you got hit with a hefty bill.

Anyway things have moved on, the overall mileage has increased to an amazing 60,000 miles in three years and many more cars are now available with no advance payment I also understand that they are now a lot more realistic about the condition of the three-year-old car when you return bmax

After weighing everything up and realising that by the time that you pay all the extras including insurance and servicing, repairs and breakdown cover costs and not for getting the depreciation of any vehicle that you purchase the Motability scheme comes out way on top.With this is mind I have been looking at the Ford B-Max its a really nifty MPV style vehicle with doors designed to give greater clearance, a real consideration for wheelchair users like myself, the model I am looking at is the Ford B-Max Zetec 5 door with a 1.4 engine, air conditioning, alloy wheels and those nifty LED daytime lights but best of all there is zero deposit!

Getting a Ford B-Max on Motability from Jennings Ford is easy. For further details of the Ford B-Max or the Motability scheme give the guys at Jennings Motor Group Motability a call. I found them extremely useful, informative and not one little bit pushy so.

So am I convinced that Motability is the way forward for me?

Because of the increased mileage and the fact that they take all of the motoring worries away from me such as breakdowns, servicing etc yes, overall I can honestly say that the Motability scheme is a better alternative to purchasing a car, okay you don’t own the car after three years but if you weigh things up with the depreciation, insurance, servicing, breakdown cover etc that you will have to pay out on your own car; you are far far better off leasing through this motoring charity.

Anybody want to buy an 8 year old LexusRX3OO?

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