New Mobility Guide Hits the Net

The guys and gals at Mobility Shopper Reviews recently came across a new dMobility and disability guide logoisability and mobility blog called My Mobility Guide and because we like delving into sites to offer you a review we have done just that.

It is so easy these days to purchase a domain name, obtain a free website builder platform and create yet another website without giving a great deal of thought about the aims of the site and what you are trying to achieve.

However as soon as you open up My Mobility Guide you can see that a great deal of attention has been given to a great layout and easy to follow links to well written pages on many varied subjects of interest.

So What Is My Mobility Guide About

Firstly the site is compiled and maintained by a person with a disability that understands the needs of others with disabilities and covers a range of subjects offering advice, equipment reviews and shares the experiences of the individual, in this case the individual is a double amputee as the result of sepsis following an infection.  The site owner is proud to tell his own story and also includes a very informative what is sepsis section that will enlighten most people.

The ultimate aim of the site is to offer help and assistance to others by providing information on a range of disability and mobility subjects and equipment including a detailed guide to choosing an easy access shower, transfer hoists, obtaining a Motability car using your disability benefits, wheelchair and mobility scooter guides including pros and cons and helpful tips on choosing an accessible destination for your holiday that wont end in tears.

Is the Site Informative?

What we like about the site is that it doesn’t just tell you the good things and fill your page will hype of “this product is great and you must buy” etc. My Mobility Guide is dedicated to reviewing a product or service and telling the exact users findings even if those findings are negative ones.

This site is relatively new and is still growing at a steady pace and if it continues on the path that it has set we would expect it to become one of the leading disability and mobility product guides on the net.

Our Verdict

If you are a disabled person or somebody that cares for somebody with a disability you are guaranteed to find something of interest and we would suggest that you bookmark the site and return every month or so to catch new reviews, product details and articles of interest.

As well as the information on their website they also have a dedicated Facebook page to cater for all you social media lovers. Check this out by clicking the image below and show your appreciation by liking the pages to help spread the word throughout the disabled community so that others can also benefit from the well written, honest and informative reviews.Like my mobility guide

About Mobility Reviewer

Mobility reviewers are a groups of disabled adults including wheelchair users, vision impaired and others with a range of mobility issues. Wherever possible we have tried and tested all products under our review and offer a honest review not with the intention of trying to sell any product. Any links are for information only. Enjoy the site and please tell your friends and ask them to link back to us from their websites or add to the reviews.
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