Reducing the Effects of Swollen Feet

Many people suffer from the effects of swollen feet and ankles particularly the disabled, elderly and those that are less mobile or overweight. Swollen feet are caused by a build up of fluid and is medically known as oedema; people in the late stages of pregnancy or those that stand for long periods of time also suffer from this painful condition.

Temporary oedema will normally clear up on its own, for example if you have been standing in one position for a long time your ankles and feet may swell up until you have chance to rest and elevate your feet particularly in the sitting or lying position. Lymphoedema also gives the effect of swollen and painful feet and ankles and in most cases will need to be controlled either by wearing compression stockings, regular lymphatic massage or ensuring that your feet are elevated for long periods of time to help prevent the fluid surrounding the body tissues from causing your feet and ankles to swell.

One of the easier and most convenient ways to help reduce the effects of swollen feet is to elevate your legs so that they are higher than your heart, makes this recommendation along with more details about the symptoms, causes and solutions to relieving the effects of swollen ankles and swollen feet.

Fortunately most of us like to relax for two or three hours in the evening watching our favourite TV programs or listen to music and this is the ideal time to elevate your feet to relieve the pain and symptoms associated with Lymphoedema and Oedema.

There is also a very trusted supplier based here in the UK called Wide Fit Shoes that have been supplying of shoes for swollen feet to men and women for many years, check them out by clicking the highlighted link.

The best way to elevate your feet and maintain a high level of comfort is to invest in a quality riser recliner chair, having used one for many years I can confirm that it is an ideal way to help reduce swelling.

There are basically two different types of riser recliner chairs, a single or dual motor is the only real difference apart from style and fabric choice etc. We have hooked up with CareCo One of the largest UK mobility experts to view further details of both products.

Single Motor Riser Recliner:

With a single motor the back rest and foot rest of the chair will be raised simultaneously and while this may suit the comfort needs of many users it does not give you the option of independently positioning the foot rest in your chosen position.

Dual Motor Riser Recliner:

This is the preferred option with two motors that independently allow you to select a range of comfort positions such as the back rest upright while the foot rest is raised and vice versa etc. To benefit fully from the use of a riser recliner chair and help reduce the swelling in your feet and ankles it would be recommended to choose the dual motor option.

Once you have chosen your preferred riser recliner chair you need to use it on a regular basis to receive the full benefits in helping reduce your swelling. Try to keep the foot rest in the highest position for as long as possible and try to aim for at least 2 to 3 hours per evening to start feeling the benefits.

More details about oedema can be found on the NHS choices website by clicking the highlighted link where it will explain the different types and the causes of oedema.
A useful Lymphoedema Support Network can be found by clicking here.

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