Disabled and Special Needs Mentoring and Advocacy

Most of us experience difficulties understanding certain situations that crop up in our lives from time to time especially if it’s anything to do with law, finance or contracts that never seem to be written in plain English but we usually muddle through and get there in the end.

However, people with learning disabilities and special needs often fail to fully understand many important matters that affect them on a day-to-day basis and are particularly vulnerable where change is concerned especially in areas such as understanding their rights, benefits, housing needs, social services and of course the rights that they have under the Equality Act 2010 and disability discrimination.

Many people with special needs are misjudged because they have given a wrong answer to questions that they simply didn’t understand and this often results in them receiving a lower service or missing out completely on various entitlements in their lives.

Thankfully there is a dedicated advocacy services now available that offers help, support and understanding to people with special needs and learning difficulties as well as working with family members and carers so that they also understand the disabled persons point of view and more importantly their wishes in all aspects of life.

The Centre for Resolution offers dedicated disability and special needs mentoring and advocacy services in all areas of life including:

  • Disabled Workplace and Employer Mentoring

  • Assessing and Implementing Workplace Adaptations

  • Being an Advocate Between the Disabled Person’s Family, Carers and Health Providers

  • Encouraging Positive Discussions and Coping Strategies

These are just a few of the bespoke and dedicated mentoring and advocacy services provided by The Centre for Resolution that have proven to be invaluable to not just the person with a disability or special needs but everybody involved in their lives.

disability advocacy servicesIt is often others that have difficulties understanding the wishes and requirements of those with special needs and more importantly how to make changes to best meet their needs, mistakes and poor judgements are often made especially by employers and carers through fear of either saying the wrong thing or not fully understanding the person’s needs; this is where Centre for Resolution can assist by being a voice working with the disabled person to either get their feelings and desires known or to understand a certain situation better in all walks of life.

The benefits of special needs mentoring can be enormous for all disabilities but just as beneficial for those working with them, their family or carers wanting a greater understanding for all concerned.

The Centre for Resolution can help in many ways if you are a family member or professional looking for disability advocacy services simply click the highlighted link or call 07775 445614 for professional advice.

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