Stairlift Running Costs

It is a sad fact that many elderly and disabled people have to constantly keep an eye on their finances especially with our ever increasing utility bills.

Disabled or elderly people are often deterred from taking advantage of the many benefits of having a stairlift because of fears of high stairlift running costs. This is not a topic that is usually discussed but anything that helps a person’s mobility as well as greater safety on stairs is very important and well worth talking about, especially when the fears and ill-founded like these are.

We are here to put those fears to rest and we think the simplest way is to include the image right that simply show that the running costs of a stairlift is on average just £7.26 over an entire year, that’s just over 60p per month!

This makes the annual running costs of a stairlift much cheaper in comparison to everyday products.

Also remember that a stairlift runs from a battery that has previously been charged so even if your power fails you can still use your stairlift to get up and down stairs several times before the battery automatically charges itself.

Hopefully this will put your mind at rest and enable you to have greater freedom and increased safety while not having to worry about the size of your electricity bill when it next hits the mat!

A full guide to pricing can be found by following the highlighted link or by clicking the banner right.

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