Suction Grab Support Rail

This is one of those products when you first look at it and think, wow what a great idea! and in principle it is a great idea, easy to install, no drilling, screwing into the wall and quick and simple to stick to your chosen surface but you may be shocked to read that this suction grab and support rail review is far from complimentary of these suction supports to say the least.

Not going to go into great detail on this one, Mobility Shopper Reviews are proud of their no-nonsense approach and straight talking reviews, good or bad and this one is so bad that it shoulsuction grabrail imaged most probably be banned.

Strong words you might think but picture the following, granny has stuck this sucker-based grab rail onto the tiles of her bathroom to help her get out the bath and when she goes to pull herself up, hey presto it comes off the wall and granny goes with it. Trust me on this one I have been there, done that and got the T-shirt, these things are dangerous and only really designed for very light guidance and should never be relied on for support.

They connect by suction and if the surface is slightly uneven, greasy or its not fixed firmly to start with they become death traps.

Avoid at all costs and remember that any support that you want to rely on should always be firmly fixed to the wall with screws and raw plugs and fitted by somebody with enough knowledge to ensure that it won’t come off.  This is not just important, it is essential if you value your health or your loved ones health.  Buy a sturdy grab or support rail direct from good old Amazon by clicking this sturdy grab rail link.

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