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This is my first review on the team of Mobility Shopper and I have been looking at supermarket home delivery to find out how convenient it as a service to the disabled, elderly and others with mobility problems.

I am one of the exceptional females that really can’t be bothered with shopping and traipsing around shops especially in cold winter days, battling with the marauding crowds on the run up to Christmas with shoppers buying enough groceries to feed a small town so that they can get their family through the one day that the shops are shut without dying of starvation! oh dear, sounds like my first review is going to be a cynical one, well not really but as with all Mobility Shopper reviews it will be an honest one.

Supermarket home delivery review

Just a brief description of supermarket home delivery services for those of you that have not heard of it (they tell me there are still some) Basically this is a service where you connect to your local supermarket via their website, choose your shopping and then they deliver it directly to your door. The supermarket will charge a small fee something like £3-£5 depending on your chosen delivery slot. Let’s look at the good and bad points, remember I am looking at the benefits to the disabled, elderly and others with mobility problems and if this is a service to be recommended.

What are the benefits of supermarket home delivery?

The biggest benefit of home delivery services from your local supermarket is of course the fact that they deliver to you, the other bonus and I believe this to be a big one is that somebody will do all the legwork by selecting each and every one of your products instead of you having to walk up and down the aisles and of course deal with the inevitable lengthy queues at the checkout and then battle with the traffic on the way home, unloading your shopping and then texting your friend to moan about the queues, or is that just me?

So what are the negatives?

As you know we here at Mobility Shopper enjoy digging out the negative and bad points of any products and services aimed at making life easier for the elderly and disabled but I’m going to have to disappoint, yes there are a few and I will highlight them here but I have always found them greatly outnumbered by the convenience of not having to go shopping.

Sometimes the product that you select via their website is not available, however the supermarket won’t just not deliver it, they will choose an alternative and offer it to you and you can accept or decline when they deliver.

The biggest negative of buying food online is of course that you cannot see it, feel it and if you wish smell it. Might sound irrelevant but don’t we all love squeezing the tomatoes etc to choose the ones we want?

Positives of home delivery supermarket shopping

I worked out that to drive my 2000 cc car to and from the supermarket it would cost me about £6.50 so its actually a saving rather than an extra charge.

Instead of being annoyed when the delivery man tells me that some of the products I chose were not available, I’ve often find that the replacement that they offer is more expensive and often better quality than what I chose and as they do not charge you more than the product you originally selected it can often be a win-win situation. You can of course reject the replacement of and receive a refund.

All of the main supermarkets that provide home delivery offer you a range of time slots so you can choose, for example 10 AM to 12 AM Tuesday, 4 PM to 6 PM Friday etc. You can often get the exact day and time for your delivery that you want if you do your shopping say a week in advance.

My one big piece of advice however would be as with all shopping you need to get the best deal from the best supermarket, I would recommend using mySupermarket they provide a price comparison between the large online stores including Sainsbury’s, Asda, Tesco, Waitrose and many more.

I took some time out to check the services of mySupermarket and they show you all the top supermarket offers on their special offer shelves listed store by store, I found it easy to find the best ones and clear to see what is actually a bargain and what is not.  Also, all the products have a total price but they are also broken down so you can see the price per unit, which makes price watching much easier. You never know, depending on what deal there is, 2 pints of milk might actually be cheaper than one! The ‘swap & save’ helps you to see this kind of price comparison. If you add an item to your basket but mySupermarket sees it could save you money it will suggest a ‘swap & save’ item and with 1 click you can switch to the cheaper option. Now that’s my sorta site.

So there you have it, my positive and negative review of supermarket home delivery shopping is definitely more positive than negative and as a person with limited mobility I find it a dam site easier than traipsing around the shops that would take me several hours and leave me very tired. If asked to give this points it would have to be 9.5 out of 10.

As with all our reviews, we greatly appreciate your feedback and would very much like to hear your stories and experiences of home delivery supermarket shopping.

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I am a visually impaired mother, wife and taxi driver to my 2 kids, I often write about my own experiences in life and don't mind praising the good ones as well as slating the bad ones it helps you avoid the mistakes I've made.
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