The Fastest Folding Electric Mobility Scooter is Here

Review of the eDrive from Motion Healthcare

The mobility scooter market has just welcomed the latest in automatic folding scooters – the new eDrive from Motion Healthcare has just been launched. In the last few years there has been a growing demand for lightweight, compact folding mobility scooters that can easily fit in a car boot or luggage compartment on a train. The eDrive is the latest model to hit the market and it has certainly impressed mobility experts.

Electric Folding in 7 Seconds

The most impressive feature of this scooter is that it can be fully unfolded in just 7 seconds, simply be pressing a button on the key fob. All that the user needs to do is lift up the seat back before sitting down and driving off.

The seat is worth mentioning too. Many folding mobility scooters have smaller seats without armrests, but the large, study seat with armrests on the eDrive provides exceptional comfort and support for such a small scooter.

The eDrive comes packaged in a handy travel bag too, so if you are travelling it can be transported in its protective casing.

Long Distance Travel On a Lightweight Battery

Another technological innovation that this scooter is the introduction of a lightweight lithium battery pack that can easily be removed from the scooter. Lithium ion batteries power high-end electric cars such as the Tesla Model 3, so you can be sure that they will keep this 28kg mobility scooter running for hours at a time.

The battery can power the scooter for up to 10 miles, which is incredible for such a small battery. The scooter also has a spare battery slot, so you can drive for up to 20 miles on a single trip if you keep a spare fully charged.

Charging the battery couldn’t be easier either – you can either plug in the charger to the scooter control panel on the tiller, or remove the battery to charge in a mains socket. This means that if you mostly use your scooter from your car, you do not need to remove the scooter from your car boot to charge the batteries – just don’t forget to grab the battery before you leave home!

The eDrive is more stylish than its predecessors the Genie+ and the Pride Quest – it is available in a very stylish metallic purple or blue – this is certainly one of the most attractive folding mobility scooters on the market.

The eDrive is designed for pavement travel with a top speed of 6km/h (about 3.7mph), and is equipped with front and rear lights for safer riding in low light conditions.

The future of lightweight, electric folding mobility scooters is here, and it is in the form of the Motion Healthcare eDrive.


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