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Thankfully the days when wheelchair users wanting to drive had only one option are longInvalid carridge gone, for those of you that are old enough to remember, what I am referring to is the “Acedes Invalid Car” commonly known as the “Invalid Carriage” These were made of fibreglass and came in a sickly colour of blue only, three wheels and either a 147cc or 500cc engine. They carried no passenger’s only one wheelchair user risking life and limb behind the handlebar style controls.

Thankfully these only remain in museums or scrapyards, and the distasteful title of “invalid carriage” is now replaced with “wheelchair accessible vehicles” aka WAV Vehicles.

Today’s modern and luxurious wheelchair accessible vehicles are specially built or adapted so that the wheelchair user can either travel as a passenger without having to transfer out of their wheelchair or drive the vehicle from their wheelchair seated position with adaptations to meet the individual drivers needs.

As well as wheelchair accessible vehicles being available through the Motability schemeWAV Vehicle there is an independent website that offers WAV compare services in the same way that we can compare prices from utility suppliers, household and motor insurance etc. WAV Compare allows you to search for suppliers of new and quality pre-owned wheelchair accessible vehicles near to you with more than 500 WAV’s available to choose from.

WAV Compare is the U.K.’s largest online showroom dedicated to the sale of wheelchair accessible vehicles and includes a range of access options including side or rear ramps or platform lifts to enable full independence. Options of being either a passenger or driver with front or rear passenger options enabling the wheelchair user to stay in their chair while travelling in comfort. A range of seating and size options are also available depending on how many passengers you want to transport as well as a wheelchair user.

Check out the WAV Compare website where you can find details and all the relevant information that you need to get yourself fully mobile along with a full list of the specific WAV features such as powered doors, multiple options catering for all driving abilities, tip and turn seats, drop down ramps and much more. Oh and they are also available in a variety of colours, all excluding sickly blue!

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