Wheelchair Exercise and Weight Loss

We are constantly told through the media, health related websites and fitness gurus of the importance of exercise and how regular exercise can help with weight loss, improve mobility and alleviate many health problems but how do wheelchair users do this with a mobility problem that restricts movement, preventing the standard physical activities such as walking, cycling and taking part in active sports.

This article is written by a wheelchair user and aimed at helping other wheelchair users or anybody with reduced mobility to understand the importance of exercise at any level along with building or maintaining the level of mobility that you currently have.

When most people think of exercise, muscle building or having a regular workout they naturally look at joining a local gym; these are fine for most of the population and while gyms are now becoming more accessible to those with disabilities they are only able to offer limited equipment use, however it is still a good idea to go along to your local gym to discuss your needs and find out what level of exercise can be offered.

Thankfully there is now an impressive aid on the market that allows you to have your own wheelchair gym in the comfort of your own home, for you to use at your leisure that helps combine fitness and weight loss. The Invictus Active Trainer is your all in one personal gym.

Weight Loss for Wheelchair Users:

It is an unfortunate fact that wheelchair users not only tend to put on more weight due to not undertaking reasonable levels of regular exercise but also become less healthy as their limbs and organs are not getting the use and levels of oxygen that are required to keep the body as healthy as possible. The Invictus Active Trainer allows you to exercise while still seated in your wheelchair, it has been designed specifically for wheelchair users to conquer the problems highlighted in this article and is suitable for weight loss, muscle building and improved upper body mobility as well as helping to improve your balance and of course get those organs working again.

Monitoring your weight as a wheelchair user could not be easier, Invictus have tackled this problem in the form of wheelchair scales that enable you to remain in your chair so you can keep tracks of your weight as the pounds start to drop off.

Importance of Fitness for Wheelchair Users:

Fitness and maintaining usable levels of mobility is one of the most important reasons for undertaking regular exercise and for wheelchair users it is especially important to stop you from gradually becoming less mobile due to not maintaining or building on your current levels of strength and movement.

The key features and benefits of the Invictus Active Trainer as highlighted on their website include:

• Improve your fitness, balance and pushing technique.
• Suitable for anyone and any wheelchairInvictus Active Wheelchair Trainer
• Simulates ‘road-like’ pushing at a constant speed.
• Lose weight – burn 350 kcal with a 30 minute workout
• Easy to set-up – can use used anywhere inside or outside.
• Work each arm individually – four independent rollers.
• Ready to go – easy to wheel on and off and start exercising.
• Portable and lightweight
• Record your speed, distance and heart rate – Smart model

Benefits for the Quadriplegic Wheelchair User:

Quadriplegic wheelchair users tend to have weaker upper body strength than paraplegics so building your chest and arm muscles to their maximum ability is extremely important and the Invictus Active Trainer is the ideal tool to do this because it simulates pushing a manual wheelchair with adjustable degrees of effort to help gain maximum strength and higher levels of balance that are vital in all areas of everyday life including transfer and general mobility for the quadriplegic user.wheelchair exercise machine

Check out the full details of the quadriplegic exercise machine shown right by clicking the highlighted link and view video clips, how the trainer works and how you can start enjoying a home exercise regime in the comfort of your own home.


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