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Mobility Shopper has been asked to look into and review exercise and fitness equipment designed to be used by wheelchair users while they remain in their wheelchair.

You would think that this would be an easy task considering how many wheelchair users there are in just the UK alone. Our initial results found what seemed to be promising and was called “Total Fitness for Wheelchair Users” this turned out to be just a book and we were immediately put off by the front cover showing a man sat on a kitchen chair (no wheelchair insight) Other resources include wheelchair fitness classes, manual pedal exercisers and extremely oversized, expensive and complicated contraptions that would probably involve reinforcing your flooring if you purchased one.

Not to be beaten we dug deeper and found an absolute gem called the Invictus Active Trainer designed specifically for wheelchair users only and can be used for a number of wheelchaikr user health and fitness purposes such as:

• Upper Body and Arm Strength Building
• Improved Fitness
• Ideal Trainer for Wheelchair Sports Men and Women
• Helps with Diet and Weight Loss
• Improve Your Balance and Stability in a Wheelchair

The device is portable and based on a rolling road principle that allows a range of exercise and fitness options all geared around the specific exercise needs of wheelchair users. It is basically your wheelchair exercise gym in a box.Wheelchair exercise gym

Founded by Scott Smith and Paul Cooksey, both full time wheelchairs users you know that you are looking at a wheelchair exercise device that has been tried and tested by people that not only understand the problems of exercising from a wheelchair but have gone one step forward to solve the problem by creating the Invictus Active Trainer.

Apart from being able to exercise while sat in your wheelchair the other great advantage of the Invictus Active Trainer is that it is fully portable and able to be used where you want to use it. On top of this they offer an amazing 14 day money back guarantee with prices starting from well below £200. Each of the Invictus Active Trainer wheelchair exercise gym systems also comes with a dedicated fitness DVD.

If you are a wheelchair user and seriously into getting fit, wanting to improve your strength, pushing technique and overall balance or just looking to have a regular workout to maintain or lose weight or just want to have the occasional workout then the Invictus Active Trainer is most certainly for you.

Discover more details by checking out this unique wheelchair exercising machine by clicking the highlighted link or calling them direct on 0121 330 0559. If you have any questions at all or would like to take them up on their offer of a 14 day money back guarantee just pick up the phone.

Wheelchair exercise video

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