Which Travel Mobility Scooter – Electric Folding or Boot Scooter?

Unless you need a road legal mobility scooter for long distance travel, you are most likely looking for a smaller scooter that is more portable, easier to ride and a little cheaper too. The most popular type of mobility scooters are travel scooters, which are those that you can easily take with you in a car boot, store in a luggage compartment on a train, or store in the hold on a plane.

Man and woman riding mobility scootersThere are two types of travel scooter on the market. The first is the classic portable scooter that breaks down into 4 or 5 pieces for easier lifting and placing in a car boot. These scooters tend to be the most affordable option, but they are overall heavier and cannot be lifted while in one piece. The other type, which has been growing in popularity over the last year, is the folding mobility scooter. These are lighter scooters that fold up and can be pulled along like a suitcase or packed into a handy travel bag. They are also much lighter and can be lifted by hand into a car boot by people who have reasonable upper body strength. So let’s look at these options in a little more detail – we’ve picked the following selection from a UK mobility retailer.

The CareCo Zoom Mobility Scooter has been around for a few years now, but is still a fantastic option at a great price. At 43kg and a 10 mile range it can be considered a middle-weight mobility scooter. It’s heaviest part is 18kg, which can be harder to lift if you are lacking strength in your arms, but at under £500, it’s one of the cheapest travel scooters of this quality on the market.

Historically, lightweight travel scooters had a much smaller range when compared to the larger pavement and road scooters, but the Li Tech Marathon bucks this trend. This lightweight scooter with its lithium-ion battery has a maximum range of 26 miles – marathon by name, marathon by nature! The total weight is 41kg, and the heaviest part is 15kg.

The Abilize Stride Sport is a larger travel scooter, weighing 55kg in total, with the lightest part 17kg. The extra weight makes it feel much sturdier, giving a ride similar to the larger pavement scooters, but the extra weight can make it harder to load into a car boot. For a heavier scooter it has a decent range of 17 miles.Woman on Ablize mobility scooter

The recent advancements in electric folding scooters is certainly the most exciting change in the mobility scooter industry at the moment. The newest models, such as Motion Healthcare’s eDrive, have push button electric folding and unfolding, which makes travelling with them so much easier. You can literally have your scooter stopped, folded and ready to pack away in 10 seconds.

The newest model from Li Tech is the Velo, which also folds in under 10 seconds. These scooters have smaller batteries and shorter ranges – the eDrive’s range is 9 miles, and the Velo 10, ample for shopping and tourism alike.

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