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About Mobility Reviewer

Mobility reviewers are a groups of disabled adults including wheelchair users, vision impaired and others with a range of mobility issues. Wherever possible we have tried and tested all products under our review and offer a honest review not with the intention of trying to sell any product. Any links are for information only. Enjoy the site and please tell your friends and ask them to link back to us from their websites or add to the reviews.

Felgains Care and Mobility Review

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From time to time we offer a review of services of mobility products supplied to the disabled and elderly, this is a Felgains, care and mobility review. Felgains was founded in 1977 in the small seaside town of Felixstowe, Suffolk … Continue reading

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Circulation Booster Review

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The circulation booster has been around for a few years now, they are designed to help circulation and increase blood flow in your lower legs and feet to relieve pain and reduce swelling, do they work and are they worth … Continue reading

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Copper and Magnetic Bracelet

The term “copper magnetic bracelet” is somewhat of a false statement because, shock horror, copper is not magnetic! Anyway this is just me being pedantic probably because I’ve watched too much QI. This is a magnetic bracelet review to hopefully … Continue reading

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Memory Foam Mattress: Review

I’m not going to say what memory foam mattress you should buy or even if you should buy one at all, what I will tell you is what it is like to have a memory foam mattress, review the pitfalls, … Continue reading

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Suction Grab Support Rail

This is one of those products when you first look at it and think, wow what a great idea! and in principle it is a great idea, easy to install, no drilling, screwing into the wall and quick and simple … Continue reading

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