Wheelchair Power Cycle Review

A wheelchair power cycle is an adaption that fits to most rigid frame wheelchairs, working on the same principle as an electric cycle with a powered front wheel but this one turns a manual wheelchair into a powered trike. I am able to offer a unique wheelchair power cycle review from the perspective of two disabilities, my own as a tetraplegic and my brother-in-law a paraplegic ( Long story and I’m not going to bore you with it)

I’m going to avoid filling your head full of the technical stuff such as weight, battery type, motor RPM etc and stick with the basics of what they’re like to use, are they safe and do they do what it says on the tin and as always at Mobility Shopper reviews we will tell you any good points as well as the bad points and leave you with contacts to find out more based on our findings.

How Does a Wheelchair Power Attachment Work?

Invictus Active wheelchair motor attachment
This part is rather ingenious, the wheelchair electric bike attachment connects under the seat of your rigid framed wheelchair which allows the motorised front wheel and handlebars to connect to your wheelchair, the really clever part is when fully locked in place the two front wheels of your wheelchair are raised off the ground and your wheelchair is now a powered trike operated by a 48V battery that charges in around 5-hours and has a maximum range of 50 km on a single charge. This give you access to a much rougher terrain than your standard wheelchair can normally manage such as woodlands, grassy areas such as boot sales and festivals, country parks and generally offers much more freedom to do everyday things such as countryside walks with the dog and the rest of the family.

Invictus Active
Wheelchair Power Attachment Review

Once fitted, the wheelchair power attachment with its built in powerful motor will accelerate your wheelchair relatively fast and while this is brilliant fun you do need to have a reasonable level of upper body strength and movement. One thing to note is because the attachment is front wheel drive there are certain terrains that could cause the front wheel to lose traction but don’t let this put you off, the fun you can have with your new powered trike overrides any adjustments you may need to make.
My brother-in-law spotted the trike in my garage while down on holiday from  sunny Scarborough, he rarely uses a wheelchair and manages to walk most places with the use of sticks but suddenly this “ I won’t be seen dead in a wheelchair” guy is begging me to let him try my wheelchair trike.

Unlike me he has greater upper body strength, was able to attach and detached the motor section with ease and while he was able to overcome most of the front wheel grip issues by putting a great deal of his weight over the front wheel he did have the advantage of being able to transport it with greater ease.

In short he loved the freedom, speed and acceleration of the trike so much that when he went home I sent him home with the attachment and a spare wheelchair as a present.

Power Wheelchair Attachment Conclusion

My own personal conclusion was that my tetraplegic disabilities meant that I struggled with fitting the motorised front wheel and was unable to do this alone, yes my wife and friends would happily fit/remove it when needed but i’m more stubborn that than the proverbial ass. That doesn’t mean that it’s not for you and looking back I would have kept it and got over my stubbornness but getting my brother-in law to accept using a wheelchair for greater mobility offered much greater satisfaction.

As for my brother in law he absolutely loves it and has been running it now for just over four years on the same battery and hasn’t had a problem. The comments he gets when out such as wow, that’s a cool looking trike or hey where can I get one or even kids asking if they can have a go have all added to him accepting using a wheelchair.

If you found the wheelchair trike attachment interesting, you may also want to check out a beach wheelchair also supplied by Invictus Active.

The wheelchair power attachment and the beach wheelchair is sold by Invictus Active and is run by wheelchair user Scott Smith. To find out more including price, availability or if you have any questions, just give Scott a call on 0800 832 1916 or check out the Invictus Active website.

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